More than 50 years supplying technology for the Automotive Industry, with quality and sustainability.

Our Company


Along the last 50 years, Uliana has constantly modernized itself, keeping the respect for the human being and the environment. The respect with the environment is constant in our mindsets and it is reflected in the environment is constant in our mindsets and it is reflected in the ISO 14001 certification, being always a column on the business decisions. Uliana is fully aware of the requirements for the current global automotive market, so we keep focused on the quality and competitiveness of international class.
Based in all this experience, we are certain to provide to our customers the best service in stamped parts and welded assemblies.


In partnership with our customers, Uliana is fully capable to participate on the design and development of new products using tools like Catia V5, Unigraphics and Pro E System.


Quality is a major objective in Uliana's philosophy and we are always striving to perfection. Three laboratories with total capacity to provide chemical and physical analysis to test our products and processes.


Uliana has a full range of Medium stamped parts, welded sets and component assemblies for Cars and Trucks.


Uliana knows that high performance could be evaluated by the customer base. Knowing that, we have very good reasons to take proud. Click for our main customers.